The distribution of suction, which has implications for seepage and shear strength, plays a crucial role in determining the stability of unsaturated soil. The Air Entry Value (AEV) and Residual Water Contents (RWC) change over time to create the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve (SWCC), which is very important for figuring out how the suction is distributed. During a flood occurrence, the subgrade becomes inundated with water, leading to adverse effects on the AEV and RWC of the subgrade. Consequently, the performance of the subgrade is diminished. This study focuses on the use of Marble Dust Waste (MDW) as an addition to the subgrade to improve the strength of the subgrade.


This study aims to investigate the variations in air AEV in relation to the optimal MDW in unsaturated soil found in Malaysia.


The study uses control samples and soil that has been mixed with different amounts of MDW: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%. The SWCC is generated using the pressure plate extractor device.


The results indicate a significant increase in the AEV for the mixed soil sample when compared to the control sample. While the soil-MDW mixture containing 5% of this material has an AEV value of 23 kPa, the control sample's value is 10 kPa.


The findings of the study suggest that the utilization of MDW yields a beneficial influence on the AEV, hence potentially improving the performance of the subgrade. The researchers aim to evaluate the potentially dangerous waste and convert it into a substance that is appropriate for engineering applications. This study provides empirical evidence that aligns with the objectives outlined in Chapter 8 of the 12th Malaysia Plan for the period 2021–2025. The topic under discussion pertains to environmental sustainability, specifically focusing on enhancing the ability to withstand the adverse effects of climate change and disasters, as well as the Green Technology Master Plan Malaysia 2017–2030, with a specific emphasis on Chapter 6, which addresses the issue of waste management.

Keywords: Air-entry value, SWCC, Marble dust, Subgrade, Dust waste, Unsaturated soil.
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