Design Provisions for An Easy Intervention in the Future Life of a Structure. The Case of the Post- Byzantine Timber-roofed Basilicas of Troodos Area in Cyprus

Marios Pelekanos*
Department of Architect Engineers, School of Engineering, Frederick University, Cyprus


This article deals with the timber- roofed basilicas of Troodos which were built from the mid-15th to the late-19th century AD. The most impressive constructional feature of these basilicas is the existence of two constructionally distinctive, but cooperating, parts of the roof. The basilicas’ construction system is mainly characterized by the ability to confront successfully the dynamic loads of an earthquake. It is suggested that the design concept of these basilicas incorporated, among other objectives, a remarkable provision for an easy repair intervention and retrofitting, at a later stage during their life.


The timber- roofed basilicas of Troodos demonstrate a cleverly designed structure, where the co-operation between the roof and masonry plays an important role in their anti-seismic design.


This study investigates design provisions that can make easier any future intervention and retrofitting.


The timber-roofed basilicas of Troodos present a remarkable design provision that made intervention an easy task, at any stage of their future life. This particular design concept seems to be valuable even today and can be easily adopted when designing modern contemporary structures with a long-term life objective.

Keywords: Timber-roof, Cyprus, Anti-seismic design, Intervention, Retrofitting.

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Year: 2019
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